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Alo creates modern solutions for those working in and affected by Canada’s child welfare system

Give your Organization and Clients the tools to make a difference with Alo Solutions

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Introducing Alo Applications

Automate your foster, kinship, and adoption applications

Canada's Child welfare is in transition, Alo is designed to evolve

Alo Solutions is designed to change with a system in reform, and is based on deep, meaningful research combined with the recommendations of those who are working in, and affected by, Canada’s Child welfare system

Get a clear picture all in one place

Cloud-based, mobile, customizable, and secure Alo Solutions has you covered. Ditch outdated systems and multiple data silos. Get real relevant data over time, that will help your organization make the best possible decisions for the best possible outcomes.



child welfare professionals

Recruit qualified caregivers

Provide them with real-time automated updates on the status of their application, training information, and required documentation

Better CareGiver Matches

Place children with caregivers within their communities to help keep them safe and let them retain their cultural identities, customs, values, and sense of self

Better Options and decision making

Get a faster application process promoting kin placement. Social worker dashboards with new application alerts, update notifications and deadline reminders. Ensure better collaboration between departments and agencies

A system in crisis

Alo Solutions recognizes the crisis of over representation of Black and Indigenous children and youth in Canada’s Child Welfare System and has designed a feature-rich system that prioritizes reunification and promotes better outcomes. 

We continue to stay committed to providing culturally relevant features that help children in care maintain and retain their cultural identity and connections to the communities. Alo Solutions promotes kinship and care giving within communities that have traditionally been systemically excluded and institutionally oppressed.

Designed to be every user friendly

everyone from foster parents to case workers can feel confident using Alo applications

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