Modern Solutions for those working in and affected by Canada’s Child Welfare System

Alo Solutions is an Afro-Canadian, Indigenous and Female led tech company offering an inclusive tool to create better outcomes for children in care.

Startup Pitch Battle 2021 winner

Alo Solutions competed in the TorontoStarts pitch battle September 2021.

A Startup Pitch Battle where carefully selected startups pitch to a panel of experts and a live audience.

Each startup pitches for 5 minutes with questions and feedback from both the panelists and audience. Everyone then participates in grading each the pitch es and votes for the winner.

Even with a some other great startups all making their tremendous pitch, Alo Solutions won the pitch battle with over 67% of the vote.

the problem

The process to become a caregiver is dated and ineffective

Lack of Control for both the applicant and child welfare professional

Mistrust among the Indigenous and Black community.

Alo Logo

the solution

Alo Solutions is a Saas-based system that automates the caregiver application process. 

Alo Solutions is designed to automate the Canadian child welfare system, while prioritizing the needs of children in care. Alo Solutions is customizable, so public and private agencies can tailor the tool to provide them with what they need. At its heart Alo Solutions, is designed to help address the systemic issues that contribute to the over-representation of Indigenous and Black children in care.

Required documentation, approvals, and preparation

Required documentation such as driver’s license, medical reports, and references are easily uploaded by the applicant and approved by the child welfare professional remotely. Both parties are notified of updates and changes to the application in real-time.

Preview of the Application Portal Support Document Page

Advisory board

Art Proctor

Art Proctor is an Afro-Métis neuro-diverse Artist, Activist, technologist, and community builder. He is a retired performer, seasoned international arts and corporate management professional, digital transformation analyst, award-recognized arts and creative industries veteran, start-up survivor, and social enterprise advocate. He is a well-travelled, outspoken cultural catalyst and socio-political unwilling prophet and futurist. His focus and passion are exploring the intersection between art and technology, specifically Film, digital and immersive media through the lens of the underrepresented diverse voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Amar Nijhawan

Amar Nijhawan will be joining the Board as Policy Advisor. Amar Nijhawan is a policy specialist, experienced  researcher, and strategist – with specific expertise around gender equity and feminist economic policy, global affairs, international economic policy and  development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability across Canada and internationally. Amar currently works on the Policy and Campaigns team at Oxfam Canada. Her intergovernmental and governmental experience will be essential as the Company transitions into the next phase of growth.

Fiona Moar

Fiona Moar is an educator with a passion for advocacy. As an
indigenous person, and parent her entire adult life, she has over 20 years of personal experience with the Canadian child welfare system. Her experiences have driven her to speak out on the need for change. Ms.Moar’s strength and no-nonsense approach, to Child Welfare, Politics, Social Justice and the inequalities of living as an indigenous person in North America has captivated audiences and amassed over fifty-thousand followers on TikTok. She has been a huge supporter of Alo since its inception and now lends her unique perspective and experience to Alo’s Advisory board.

Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen will be joining the Board as Financial Advisor. With an award-winning career in wealth management at Desjardins, Ms. Allen began her professional career as a digital marketing expert. Ms. Allen entered the Venture Capital space in 2018. After becoming a first-time VC investor and Limited Partner in 2019, she began lending her expertise as an advisor to startups and investment firms before joining the Founder Institute VC Lab cohort #4 and charting her own path in venture capital. Ms. Allen feels passionately about the Alo Solutions mission and vision and excited to be a part of their journey.

Lindsay Eberts

Lindsay Eberts is a British-Canadian film producer based in Quebec.
Inspired by her filmmaker family and time spent at film festivals all over the world, Lindsay believes a great story well told can change perspectives rapidly and create lasting emotional impact on global audiences. Ms. Eberts recently executive produced a feature documentary, ‘For Love’, which connects residential school trauma with the overrepresentation of Indigenous kids in Canadian foster care, and celebrates incredible people doing something about it. Ms. Eberts is thrilled to be joining the Alo Solutions Board.

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