Alo Solutions offers a full line of SaaS solutions for foster care administration and care management

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Every child deserves a safe and happy home

Alo Applications

Streamline foster care processes and automate applications for caregivers and staff with Alo Applications

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Alo Applications

Alo dashboards gives foster parent applicants and child welfare professionals real-time updates on the status of an application

Keep your applicant data secure

Applicants can provide identification and mandatory supporting  documentation remotely

Get up-to-date medical information including Covid-19 status prior to making home visits

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Alo Care Management

Unmanageable care Loads, excessive paperwork, and staff turnover impact social worker practices and their ability to be effective and present in the field

  • 75% of social workers report an unmanageable workload as a critical issue in their practice
  • 45% of social workers that left the field did so due to stress or vicarious trauma
  • 72% stated administrative responsibilities prevent them from spending adequate time with clients

*The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) published a study in 2018. More than 3200 Workers and Child Welfare leaders were interviewed nationwide

Give your agency and clients the tools they deserve with Alo Care Management. Alo Care Management gives your Case carrying staff cloud-based tools that cuts down on paperwork, automate processes and helps them stay on top of each case assigned to them with pre-set and customizable alerts.

Improve outcomes

Alo care management promotes better collaboration, helps all involved make the best decisions for the child and family in a timely manner, provides comprehensive reporting, documentation, and storage. Alo Care management can be used in conjunction with the Alo application module, or as a stand-alone product.

Feature Highlights:

  • Set permissions and automatic document sharing so only those with permission have access to confidential documents
  • Give your Foster parents a complete digital report of the child in their care including Allergy, Medication and Tips on how to best prepare
  • Allow your caregivers/foster parents to log daily and monthly reports in preparation for social worker visits
  • Helping agencies get a 360 view in one place to ensure the best care and outcomes can be achieved.

Alo caregiver

“As a foster parent, sometimes I find it hard to feel part of the team. And that’s what we are, A team of people working towards the best outcomes for the children in our care.” -Toronto-Based Foster Parent

Enable better collaboration and understand with ALO Caretaker. Designed with granular permission so that your organization can provide Important information to temporary and long-term caregivers while keeping confidential information secure. 

Provide your caregivers with:

  • Online reporting (both daily and monthly logs)
  • Documentation storage
  • Customizable calendar
  • Best practice information
  • Access to ongoing training events and articles

Alo Reunification

Reunification is the goal and Alo Reunification is here to help. Have Plan of Care information, the ability for important documents to be exchangeable between both the parents, or guardians, and Social worker all in one central place

Give your parents the ability to:

  • Track Milestones
  • Keep important dates with customizable alerts
  • Create their own personal calendar
  • Reference resources and articles
  • Store important pictures and Documents
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